1* A form of capitalist propaganda.

Far more accepted (especially among dumbasses) than religious, leftist, conservative, nationalist or any other form of propaganda even though it's also far more biased and even less truthfull than any of the above.

2* Something that is commercial or in other words private and for profit.
Example 1:

Buy our product, it's the best product, we have tested it with independent researchers, we are not lying, buy it, buy it, buy it.

Example 2:

Norwegian Air is a commercial airline.

The commercial value of our products has risen rapidly.
by Can't_use_my_registered_name June 14, 2009
bad pot that isn't kind it's just the regular run of the mill and usually cheaper
You got the commercial or the kind bud
by chillcat May 30, 2003
The most important part of the super bowl.
Guy: Hey did you see that super bowl commercial for Doritos?
Guy #2: Yeah! That one's my favorite of all the commercials this year!
by SuperBowlSunday11 February 07, 2011
Generic marijuana bud that is neither high nor low quality.
I was trying to score some kind bud, but all I could find was commercial.
by Jimmy30000 August 21, 2005
A very annoying thing that happens on TV when trying to watch your program. Used for advertising retarded products but really meant to piss you off. Once in a while, the commercial will actually advertise something useful instead of something like "Pixos".
Tom : I got so pissed off at the commercial, I just turned off the TV and started smashing bricks.

Rick : Just try watching infomercials.
by MSooRi May 20, 2009
The things shown when the TV ceases to show you what you told the TV show you. These generally consist of people preforming impossible tasks with things they want you to buy, people talking as fast as humanely possible about what the drug they are selling will do to you, and Billy Mays yelling.

The duration of commercials are generally used for making snacks and preparing beverages.
"Joey! Quick, run and get us a six-pack during the Commercial !
by Etch Dos April 05, 2009
Having profit as a goal: a commercial band, not a REAL band.
Nimrod:Blink 182 and Sum41 are the best bands ever!
Coolguy:No they suck, they're punk-pop and to make it worse they're commercial.
by Khalil March 22, 2004
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