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A vile alcoholic beverage much loved by alkies and children, especially in Scotland. Probably the Scottish equivalent of American drink Thunderbird, or else the Scottish equivalent of meths. Known to the monks who make it as Buckfast Tonic Wine. Any resemblance to what the French call wine is unlikely to be found.
Gie us a chug o yer buckie, pal!
by refusal March 25, 2004
"I'm only having a laugh." "It's just a joke." "It's only for the benefit of the TV cameras." Said in a condescending tone when you played a trick on someone and want to tell them it's only a joke. Or when you accidentally did something stupid and want to pretend it was a joke. As popularised by Michael Winner on British TV.
Calm down, dear, it's a commercial.
by refusal March 12, 2004
A type of Scottish beer, strong and quite sweet and fizzy. Some say it tastes like lemonade. Named from the fact that the duty on a barrel of the beer used to be 80 shillings (i.e. 4 pounds). Generally about 4.2% to 4.5% alcohol by volume.
Two pints of eighty and a whisky chaser, mate.
by refusal March 12, 2004
Noun and adjective. Fan of Rangers, a soccer team from Glasgow, Scotland. They play in blue and their fans aren't known for their intelligence.
"Fuck off, you bluenose bastard."
by refusal March 12, 2004
To do something sneakily without anyone noticing. To slip something through unobtrusively and unofficially.
We're going to have to skunk this, 'cause if anyone finds out we're doing it, there'll be hell to pay.
by refusal April 29, 2004
Someone from the fine city of Glasgow in Scotland, UK. Short for "Glaswegian" (=a native of Glasgow).
"We're playing Celtic this afternoon, the towns going to be crawling with weegees."
by refusal March 12, 2004
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