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A mixture of Cream Soda and Peach Schnapps in a 3:1 ratio
Man, I could really go for a Come On Eileen right now.
by CollegeGirl32 April 17, 2010

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The ejaculation of a male onto an unsuspecting victim, usually an inappropriate female (Iie. a flat-mates girlfriend or mother) when they least expect it.

Usually the male is pre-loaded, and busts into the room singing "Come on Eileen" as he carries out his task.

NB: The 'victim' does not have to be called Eileen
Shit, I was sat watching Buzzcocks the other day when Calvin burst in, shouting the works to Dexy's, when Freddie's mum got it in the eye. Gotta love the ol' Come On Eileen tactics.
by Eljay Eljay February 20, 2007