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Usually a larger man. Can often be found smoking hookah. Usually has dreadlocks. Great with women and is an awesome wingman.
Dude, i need a colter in my life.
by drdreads92 February 28, 2010
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Usually a male. Cute and very good with girls also has an amazing body😍 All the girls will want a colter. Also a very good wingman
Who was that?

That was colter hot huh?
by Bruh2456 March 27, 2017
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When a guy who has been with a girl for a really long time makes up a rumor/lie that hes gay to break up with her and not break her heart/make her have a bitch fit.
"Dude, Rob broke up with Wendy today."
"Oh really? I bet she flipped the fuck out."
"Nah, he told everyone he was gay, he pulled a fuckin' Colter."
by chrisdonathan January 28, 2009
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