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When someone goes to the bathroom and leaves the door open because they have little time before they shit/pee themselves.

It's called that way because the colosseum has no doors.
Dude 1: Last night I really had to go. I was about to shit my self so I did a Colosseum Job.

Dude 2: Ew, get away from me you sick bastard.
#colosseum #job #door #bathroom #shit
by cjredskin September 12, 2009
A mug which has a definition of Urban Dictionary on it.

Urban mugs make the coffee, or tea, taste better.
Husband: This coffee tastes like shit!
Wife: Oh, here! Put in the Urban mug!
Husband: Much better. Wait, what? I didn't know that Dildo was a city in Canada... thank you urban dictionary!
#urban #mug #dildo #coffee #shit #husband #wife
by cjredskin September 12, 2009
When a guy performs a Colosseum Job on a friend to play a trick on him.
He opens the bathroom door while his friend is urinating or defecating.

The friend either gets embarrassed and cries, or chases his friend half-naked to give him the beating of his life.
*guy1 is peeing*
*guy2 opens the door*
Guy2: Colosseum!
*guy1 cries*

*guy1 is defecating*
*guy2 opens the door*
Guy2: Colosseum!
Guy1: Come here you Colosseum Freak, I'll beat the shit out of you!
#freak #colosseum #open #door #bathroom
by cjredskin September 12, 2009
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