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All fired up.
Getting ready to kick ass, or someone ass.
"Yo, how ya doin'"
"Man, I'm feelin' pumped about the rally"
by acacia November 28, 2004
The coolest girl in the universe and the hottest babe around! Sweet, sensitive, sexy, super duper. Makes up words and doesn't care what people think and rocks at writing.
Acacia is the ism of all isms.
by Acacia April 17, 2005
1.)The most amazing, breathtaking experience ever!
2.) what real dancers do
3.) you make friends for life!!
I wish I were as cool as the PVHS colorguard
by acacia July 17, 2006
Another word for enough.
We were glad enuf to leave.
by Acacia April 07, 2004
person with serious problems... thinks about ass all day and likes to smell tylers clothes lol u know i love u meranda
tylers ass
by acacia December 14, 2003
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