A shit-hole of a town located in southwestern Michigan. Not known at all to most people, but if you mention the nearby city of Benton Harbor, they will recognize the riots of 2003. With poor education starting in elementary where the teachers have been falling ill with cancerous diseases and everyone wondering "why??" the average student who graduates from Coloma ends up staying there for the rest of their lives, and "wishes they had gotten out when they could." Also, the locals are getting bought out by FIPS. Good luck trying to get a house anywhere near the lakes, they are bought already.

Lastly, when the water tower got painted or "vandalized" in 2007, it looked a lot better than it did before, and now.
I have a Coloma ejumication.

Wow this place is a dump, what's it called? oh, Coloma eh?
by Moses Nile March 26, 2009
Top Definition
Co+ Loma = "Coloma"
"Co", short for "coo", which is short for "cool"; and "Loma", which stands for: "Laughing Out My Ass". Therefore, "Coloma" is: "A way cool, flippin funny; out of control smart; all around awesome place to live/be from"!
My hometown is: Coloma, MI.

I'll bet he's from a Coloma-like town!
by Badtgirl August 07, 2008
When a man ejaculates all over his eyes leading the semen to drip down to the mouth and make the person taste his own fluid.
"Wow, he pulled a Coloma after she blew him off"
by luis mario August 26, 2008
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