blonde, blue "husky eyes" girl who is very athletic and super funnyy. she loves to party and hang with the guys. she loves soccer and goofing off. shes everyones friend and is very popular....
OMG! her eyes are gorgeous ! who is she?

oh i know ! thats colleen!
by day 5 May 16, 2011
A girl who has gas. A lot of gas. A lot. And she loves short guys who have a blondish tone to their hair.
Colleen: *Stares at short blonde guy*
Usually has huge titties and is from Algeria
Wow those are big ass colleens for an Algerian.
by Yolo123; February 01, 2014
COL-EE-N verb.

To participate in acts of sore losing.
Yo dude chill out and quit colleening, its just a poke war.
by trollbro123456789 September 20, 2011
A very whiny girl who specializes in whining. "Wah" is a common word to be heard from a Colleen.
After crying for 3 hours over spilled milk, the Colleen finally settled down.
by Spuriusrex August 24, 2011
Someone who lies compulsively.
Nice lie, Colleen.
by BananaramaXX May 12, 2011
1. Normally used in place of a foul word.

2. if you were to look up the name in an actual Serembic dictionary, you youg get something along the lines of a materialistic witch.
1. such as... 'go colleen yourself' or 'yo, youre co colleen''

2. my
step mom colleen is such a materialistic witch who doesn't even care about her own kids.
by ColeyKins93 February 16, 2011

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