Colleens willfully or knowingly cause pain and or distress to others while possibly enjoying the pain or distress of others: like some sort of gladiatorial sport in which she exacts her revenge or judgment
Mean and selfish; nasty and malicious
Not faithful; false to duty, obligation, or emotion; disloyal and lacking loyalty
Colleens have the ability to make heart cutting statements with out flinching
Colleens think they can make themselves happy by leaving people behind for people they think will make them happy.
Colleens are deceptive and make people think they are cool while they cruelly hurting others with mean glares, cutting comments, and apathetically ignoring those they hurt.
That is a Colleen remark
Don’t worry about her she is just a Colleen
Please don't be a Colleen when I tell you that what happened to me that night. I really need somebody to stay by my side and not judge me.
She colleened herself into that group, until they all figure out how truely cruel she is or she changes.
by anony mice April 21, 2008
a stupid jidiot. a girl who makes up her own language and speaks it all day making everyone annoyed at her. a girl who is overly obnoxious and idiotic.
friend 1 - hey do you know that girl?
friend 2 - yeah her name is colleen
friend 3 - she's such a stupid jidiot
by chickaboo July 01, 2009
a ugly, fat, bitchy, slut. all the guys hate her but she doesn't know it. she thinks she's the shit but we all know she's not. never be friends with a colleen. you can't trust them at all and they get mad over stupid shit. all they really are, are fucking cunts who are wanna be whores.
rebecca- "wow, that girls a fucking slut. whats her name?"

stacy- "it's probably colleen."
by peacelovehappiness October 25, 2008
A slut who will eat your cum like a fat kid eats cake
She seemed ok but she was such a colleen when I tried to finish in her
by faggot6969 May 30, 2008
A girl that looks like a fat banana.
That girl looks like a fat banana, is her name Colleen?
by Kevylra January 08, 2008
When a person, male or female, appears to be very attractive at first glance. However as the viewer looks at the person for a longer period of time the person becomes uglier by the minute. Someone who looks hot but is actually ugly.
Dude, that girl is such a colleen or I'm so glad my girlfriend is not a colleen.
by John Getty January 03, 2008

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