a stupid jidiot. a girl who makes up her own language and speaks it all day making everyone annoyed at her. a girl who is overly obnoxious and idiotic.
friend 1 - hey do you know that girl?
friend 2 - yeah her name is colleen
friend 3 - she's such a stupid jidiot
by chickaboo July 01, 2009
a ugly, fat, bitchy, slut. all the guys hate her but she doesn't know it. she thinks she's the shit but we all know she's not. never be friends with a colleen. you can't trust them at all and they get mad over stupid shit. all they really are, are fucking cunts who are wanna be whores.
rebecca- "wow, that girls a fucking slut. whats her name?"

stacy- "it's probably colleen."
by peacelovehappiness October 25, 2008
A slut who will eat your cum like a fat kid eats cake
She seemed ok but she was such a colleen when I tried to finish in her
by faggot6969 May 30, 2008
A girl that looks like a fat banana.
That girl looks like a fat banana, is her name Colleen?
by Kevylra January 08, 2008
When a person, male or female, appears to be very attractive at first glance. However as the viewer looks at the person for a longer period of time the person becomes uglier by the minute. Someone who looks hot but is actually ugly.
Dude, that girl is such a colleen or I'm so glad my girlfriend is not a colleen.
by John Getty January 03, 2008

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