Beast of sexing. Traditionally part Irish. All girls named Colleen give sex real good. Most notable skills include deep throating and other parts of blow jobs.
"I went over to Colleen's last night and she secksed me so fucking hard..."

"Colleen took it all in her mouth and sucked me off."
by The Producer123 January 04, 2008
Completely amazing. Great at sex, fun to be around, good sense of humour, but can be serious. GREAT KISSER! Loves everyone, but can be a bitch. Colleen is Hott. Good friend with good hugs. Can be depressed at times, but then again she always trys to be bubbly. so beautiful and hot. She'll turn on the opposite sex too. Great person to have sex with. She's balling! She is also the best party partner EVER! So Sexy.
Guy1 "Dude, who's that girl? She's so hot!"
Guy2 "I know, right?"
Guy3 "Yeah, I heard she's a great kisser."
Guy2 "Her name is Colleen"
by j'slover May 25, 2009
probably the hottest thing to walk the earth. A great gurl that makes everybody happy. She's pretty and smart and overall just really great.
Wow i wish my girlfriend was as good as colleen
by thegreatwallofchina January 24, 2010
The most caring girl you'll ever meet.
The times you'll spend with her will be the some of best of your life.
She's smart, book smart and world smart
She'll be your shoulder to cry on, your light in the storm.
A Colleen will make friendships last, no matter how long-distance.
Colleen can't get more perfect, and even if she doesn't see it, she's so pretty it hurts to look at her.
Colleen is just pure happiness in human form.
Colleen is just beautiful, end of story
by xolovepinkxo January 27, 2011
Colleen is a very intimidating and special girl. Colleen is no ordinary girl, she is very outgoing but can also be reserved! Colleen can be the sweetest girl you will ever meet! but don't get on her bad side. She can also be very sensitive when she feels offended. Colleen is also very smart and loyal and will stand up for what she believes and isnt afraid to say what she feels! Colleen is also a very good kisser and can get any boy wrapped around her finger! she is very spontaneous and beautiful inside and out! With a name like Colleen, a unique name calls for a unique girl! there is no other girl like Colleen. If you have a relationship with her, dont screw it up. Colleen hates drama and selfishness, she believes in telling the truth and being blunt. whether it hurts of not. she can also be extremely funny and makes just about anyone laugh! she's a popular girl, has lots of friends but keeps her best friends the closest. Everyone pretty much loves her, she's rarely ever hated by anyone! Colleen is interdependent and determined! she does not give. So dont give up on her.
funny intimidating kisser beautiful finger Colleen
by beyondplanetearth July 06, 2012
1.) An Irish girl.

2.) Femina hibernica. A bipedal, female mammal noted for its beautiful coloring and a siren-like irresistibility. While alluring, its reckless disregard for the safety of itself and others make it one of the deadliest creatures in nature. Despite its penchant for risky behavior, its lifespan may be as many as 100 years. The prey and mate most susceptible to the charms of the colleen is the paisano (Vir italicus), often marked by its distinctive cry of, "WHAT THE FUCK, WOMAN?!" A paisano who mates with a colleen has an average lifespan of 42 years.
Zoologists observed one colleen jogging alone and unarmed in an urban park at 11:00 at night, driving her car at 75 mph on the freeway immediately after a severe front-end accident and taking unlabeled red pills from her medicine cabinet - later identified as morphine - for a headache. Although the colleen survived, her paisano mate suffered a heart attack.
by Paladin Fox August 14, 2008
a sexy gal with a hott bod, aka...afiltf *a friend id like to fuck*
heyy, colleen is hott
by shulkabaka January 03, 2008
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