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A gaming term used when a player kills two or more players with one sniper bullet.
"Dude! I just got a collateral off of (player one) and (player 2), and the other guy was behind the wall!"
by Midnight67 September 11, 2009
Giving up something of value to you to prove that you give your word to the other person.
Person 1: Yo meet me downtown at 5pm!
Person 2: Alright man ill be there!
Person 1: Yo gimmie your ipod for collateral!
by xsaxisx October 04, 2006
An excellent film by Michael Mann, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.
Me: Did you see Collateral on HBO last night?

Some Guy: Hell yeah! Tom Cruise kicked that black guys ass!

Me: (Silence)
by The Fanatic March 02, 2006
Giving away something important to you in order to prove that you are serious, only to retrieve after you've kept your word.
Kayla: Wanna come to this party? I swear I wont ditch you this time!
Jarvis: No thanks, you do this everytime!
Kayla: Ill even leave my shirt and belt as collateral.
Jarvis: Duh, Okay!
by Saachaa October 05, 2007
a bullshit project they make you do at townsend harris high school that kills all your time and is absolutely useless.
Mr. Babstock gave us the stupid collateral to do, its due tomorrow and i haven't started.
by Lizbitch October 19, 2011
The irrelevant things that harrisites are forced to do to make us seem smart & have no social life
" Do you wanna go out this weekend ?"
No icant I have to finish my collaterals
by nomnomnomhdhhehehehe January 19, 2011
The burning stash left behind when one is done taking a hit, the left over burning stash is then consumed by a buddy so that no weed is wasted.
Rahm: Yo, gimme the collateral when you are done taking the weed
John: Yeh, fasho, no need to waste weed.
by retspooL December 23, 2009
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