The epitome of 1337ness. Often found moving printed paper products, or going to school in the capital of the country. Of course, one who is looking for Colin will always find him pwning T-Dawg the like.
Hey Colinnium just HS T-Dawg. LMAO!
by Heywood Jablome June 26, 2003
Top Definition
Some kid who thinks he has a life, but in fact he does not, I pwnz him at teh cs
Colinnium just got pwnzed by me...again
by OWNZ July 23, 2003
This is teh coolest kid ever. He is 1337 at counterstrike and everything else.
Man i wish i was Colinnium cuz then i'd be 1337.
by H4x0r June 25, 2003

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