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A very low temperature.
Some of the coldest places include:
And the coldest of all:
Margaret Thatcher's heart.
by communard420 April 06, 2011
3 2
Something that Canada always is
Canadian1:Damn it's colds today

Canadian2: we live in Canada when is it ever not
by 711_shocks December 08, 2013
0 0
Cold is not a real thing. It is the absence of heat.
I'm cold.
by I am a person. Who are you? November 19, 2011
1 1
Somebody who looks good.
Man she cold
by jewelmonique April 27, 2011
1 1
1. to show no emotion
2. (in bed) not responding to anything
1. I gave her a gift, but her response was cold.
2. She was cold, and it turned me off
by paeNiik February 06, 2010
2 2
see tight, fresh, aweX0m3c0rE
That new hoodie is cold, man!
by skrudge January 11, 2008
7 7
Adjective, meaning, basically, 'really good, great, talented, awesome, grand, unreal, totally kick-ass, etc.'

1. "Sheeeeeih! That track's muthafuckin' cold!!!!!"

2. "Boy cold!" (could be reference to a star football player, athlete, artist, etc.)

3. "Who cold?" (self-referential, rhetorical question)

4. (Sometimes the 'd' is left off the end of the word, for brevity/coolness' sake, still pronounced with the same long 'o' sound) - as in, "Shit Nigga, he col'!!!!Muhfucka col!!!!!!!" -->(this last one screamed at 110 decibels).
by Trypsamuthafuckintronic November 08, 2005
9 11