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A craptastic little town in Vermont.
Aw, you're moving to Colchester? Girl, have fun with the cows.
by YouKnowWho October 14, 2003
24 93
The oldest recorded town in England.
The Roman Wall in Colchester needs urgent funding.
by trekship1701 December 23, 2008
82 7
the land of gods, as the parachute regiment are based there.

Used to describe something of great excitment
"That would be like bein based at colchester!"
by para wannabe February 03, 2005
73 35
a large town located in the county of Essex, in east anglia, England. Colchester has a well good zoo, is the home of Colchester Museum, a place about romans and shit that was built on top of Julius Ceaser's temple.
A: ' im going to colchester. '
B: ' omg no way! are you going to the zoo? can i come pleeeeease? '
by emma1234 February 08, 2009
45 13