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a large town located in the county of Essex, in east anglia, England. Colchester has a well good zoo, is the home of Colchester Museum, a place about romans and shit that was built on top of Julius Ceaser's temple.
A: ' im going to colchester. '
B: ' omg no way! are you going to the zoo? can i come pleeeeease? '
by emma1234 February 08, 2009
The richest county in England. Also the best. No-one messes with Essex girls. And yes all of them are blonde, i will admit that being a NATURALLY blonde essex girl.There are a lot of chavs in essex, but not hardly as many as there are in places like devon. at least our chavs dont drive tractors. we don't all wear louis vuitton and burberry.
essex girl: ' All the other slags in this country are just jealous because THEY'RE not from essex, that's why they say we're sluts. '
by emma1234 February 08, 2009
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