A fingernail grown out long specifically for the use of transporting coke to your nostril without leaning over to snort along a line
Friend 1:Cindy has a serious drug problem

Friend 2:How can you tell?

Friend 1:Look at her pinky, that's a coke nail

Cindy: *snort*
by Crashtester August 22, 2013
When you like to snort cocaine, sometimes you will grow out your pinky nails so you can scoop small amounts of coke out of your baggie. Having coke nails makes doing coke in crowded places much easier.
Damn, that girl has got some long coke nails!
by CheyBayBay August 22, 2013
the nail you use to do that good stuff,
usually your pinky, the nail is usually longer than
the rest so you can pick up that fine powder and do it to it ;)
person 1;ew,your pinky nail is LONGG D:
person 2:it's my coke nail,bitch.
by nadaqueverr March 28, 2009
The fingernails you grow the longest, and use for grinding cocaine.
"Dude, why are your fingernails so damn long?"

"Oh, that? These are my coke nails. I use them for grinding my cocaine. Why else would I grow them so long?"
by hepcat121 August 22, 2013
A finger nail (usually the pinkie nail) grown to an longer length than normal for the sole purpose of using as a scoop for a hit of cocaine.

"Dammit! I broke my coke nail. Now I'm going to have to stick with just smoking pot until it grows back."
by Whiskey & Science August 23, 2013
A fingernail, typically the pinky nail, that is kept long for the sole purpose of using cocaine
My dealer has a coke nail
by Geezusnut August 22, 2013
A nail made out of cocain. Because high people are crazy
Johnny tried to snort a coke nail, and broke his nose with a hammer
by Robertsonny August 22, 2013

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