n.A huge chunk of feces left in the bog that cannot be flushed away
"You'd better not go to the bathroom right now or you will have to clean up that coke can in the bog."
by Jason de la Mason July 21, 2008
Top Definition
1)cock: a penis that has the girth of a Coke can. coke can cock

2)man: nickname of a guy with a penis that has the girth of a Coke can.
1)I was bleeding everywhere afterward because Nick has a Coke can cock!

2)Nick is a Coke can man!
by The girl down the street December 27, 2004
An alluminum type of soda can, (not nessesarily being of any particular drink product) that is modified by bending into a certain shape in order to form a well area where pin holes are poked for the purpose of usually consuming free-base cocaine or crack cocaine. Many consumers prefer this method because the crack butter is easy to extract from a can.
I got the shit but we need a coke can.
by lagunapete June 30, 2009
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