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A game that people go on to talk with their REAL LIFE friends or bash the idiots on their with people from their forums or website. That's the only fun part.

If you go coke looking to cyber, die.
Average Coke Users.

Number 1 - ogm lok lolololz u got my cc.
Number 2 - Yo yo im da tru p.i.m.p. Reppin da G unit!! I'll bus ta cap in yo ass.
Number 3 - Oh I'm really 10 but I'm going t pretend I'm 16. CYBR WIT ME BOIS!!!
Number 4 - I'm am the servant of <insert hellish name here> MWHHAHAHAH. I also like to drink Blood.

Everyone else are pretty much the bashers that get bant for actually trying to salvage the piece of crap they call a game. We rock.

GTAF > Coke Music. We own that place. :p
by CTT January 29, 2005

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