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getting head from 2 girls
bro i got 2 faced last night on my couch
by Kid Kuzoo March 23, 2010
2pac and Scarface collabo and created one hot album to be released 2day on the 8th of august w0000ttt...The Mix is almost as hot as if Biggie and Pac or Rakim and Nas were one.
Muh Niggaz, 2face be some tight ass balla shit, If you do not agree..Suge knight will force urine down your throat and arrange your death.
by 2Faced August 08, 2006
A person who pretend's to be a friend or colleague but hangs around you only to gather material to talk shit about you for his main friends or colleagues.
John: Ain't that guy you're lunching with from the marketing department?

Nick: Yeah, hes probably gathering 2face material, but anyway it's all good as far as he pay for his own food.
by Bong Holmes October 03, 2012
A very good rap artist i heard who some of his ok stuff Is on under 2Face2005 AWESOME
Man you heard 2Face's new song
oooh man its tite
by AWESOMOE February 22, 2005

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