A Name for a fun, caring, sexy human being who also has a thing for lollipops. Favorite flavor possibly cherry. Best match would be a Devin, Jayy, Dahvie, and Cam
Cody sure loves his blow pops
by Kyle Travers October 03, 2012
An attractive, funny, smart, talented, and just plain out amazing person. he's the best boyfriend anyone could ever hope for. loyal, totally committed to his relationship. goes well with girls by the name of Megan.
Girl: cody you're amazing
megan: he knows, I told him already
by guessguesscutiepie April 28, 2013
The greatest man i have ever met in my life. He is extremely sexy and has the best personality. He has gorgeous blue eyes, a cute little butt, and can make you smile no matter how sad you may be. No one can compare to him and his wonderful ways. He is in posession of the key to my heart <3
Cody is sexy as hell. I just want to get him naked, as soon as possible.
by zaylarayex3 April 28, 2011
Super awesome robot dude. Good friend. Fun to be around. Nerdy in the best way possible.
I miss you, K. Cody.
by Bobbi_Chi-Chi April 13, 2011
Slang term for the drug "Codeine."
Could be used for Tylenol 3's w/ codeine or any other medication with Codeine.
Aye Mayne, You got Codies?
Yeeboii, How much ju need fooby?
by D33ZI3BABI3 December 20, 2010
The name of a relatively attractive male who loves dirt biking and is a little red-neck if not a lot.
Look at Cody- hes cute and good at dirt biking!
by TheObservantServant September 27, 2013
Awesome boyfriend, so sweet, so loveable, will do anything to try to make someone happy. Aly loves him to death <3 Heheheee, he will always be thar, Cutee <3 awesome, amazing. And your reallly luky if you know him,
OMG that cody is awesome.! <3
by Hum dum dum.. August 22, 2011
A dick who acts like he knows everything and treats everyone like crap! One who abandons ones who love and need him. Just a plain ass.
cody left the family again!
by Schmick March 27, 2015

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