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A word used as a generic insult when the user can't think of anything better to say.
"You codge!", "Codge off!" and "Go codge yourself!"
by Joseph Wise July 24, 2006
A phallus. A penis. A cock. A dick
Matt doesn't have the ability to get his codge up, he is entirely impotent.
by Bearnstien March 27, 2009
An elderly person, a coffin dodger.
"What an absolute codge", "Shut up you old codge".
by 8t August 22, 2007
Noun. Codge is a synonym for male penile excretion, in the most part describing semen, but in extreme cases of male sexual shennanigans gone awry, the term can be used to describe the unwanted and very bad muck that comes as a result of putting percy in a bad place. This type of codge will no doubt require some sort of visit to a doctor or pharmacy.
She looks pretty, she'd look prettier with a faceful of my codge.

Doctor, there is something wrong in my man area. I met a very nice girl and now I've got a bit of a codge issue.

Get away from me, Codgegobbler.
by Mr Elephantitis January 08, 2008
The name for an extremely old man......another word for old man river, silly old man.....a word to describe my dad!
Hey codge, shut-up or i'll break your hip.
by Laurah February 07, 2005
To patch or cobble together roughly and in a slipshod manner.
I'm sure you could codge some code together, all you really need is a list function and some JavaScript.
by tjorsch July 27, 2006
A name refering to the genitalia of either a man or woman. The possesor of a codge is typically a white trash individual.
Suck my dirty... smelly... codge.
by naedsreym July 01, 2003
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