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5 definitions by Codge

A japanese composer, who used to work as a composer of jingles at a small radio-station, fuji radio. A friend of his asked him if he'ld like to work for him, his friend was the owner of Square, creator of final fantasy. So, Nobuo made music for the First ever FF. He's also worked for nintendo, and for Oh! My goddess the movie. His greatest peices have been re-mixed many many times and kick ass. He now owns a band called the black mages with a few friends of his. He also does a loaaaaaaad of concerts, all over the world which get sold out. He is teh grand daddy of music.
Final Fantasy the black mages owns you many times over. The song, "Prelude" from FF1 still owns even though it's so old. Age dosn't matter, Nobuo's still as good as ever.
by Codge April 20, 2004
A drink that is drunk, by hax0rs.
1337-up, 7-up with 133 at the front.
by Codge February 03, 2004
Greatest name in the world "He says"
He's small.
He's evil.
He's half aussie.
He's insley.
"Shut up you insley!"
by Codge November 28, 2003
A mixture between a queer, and a gimp.
It's basically a queer gimp.
It originated when I was playing CS:CZ, I accidentally said quimp when I was raped by a n00b scout whore on scoutknivez_cz, during the middle of a knife round. The word's stuck ever since.
"Dude, look at that quimp over there, the one with the pink mohekan."
"Your dad's a quimp."
by Codge August 20, 2004
The wall-running ball-grabbing-bullet dodging-speed skating-flaxible loner.
Me. I am Codge.
Do the Codge.
(I am also known as matrix-man and pidgeon man.)
by Codge November 28, 2003