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1. Intercourse
2. A form of domination over another person
3. Doing an act that is more than just winning, but an absolute ass kicking
4. Male domination over female during intercourse
"With the score 12-3, the Boston Red Sox cockthrusted the New York Yankees.

Example #2: "Did you see that hot piece of ass Dawn walk by? Man, I'd like to cockthrust her"

Example 3: "So I cockthrusted Betty hard last saturday night and she wants to hang out again"

Example 4: "Wow, did you see Alfonso Soriano cockthrust that homerun?"
by Scott Koenig and R. Hochroth July 31, 2008
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a move that can only be done by one man........martin walsh. its about the grossest thing ever seen
"god dammit marty stop doing that cock thrust."
by mike April 17, 2004

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