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A small town in Austria. No really, look it up on a map.
English-speaking visitors are routinely arrested for stealing the town's signs. See Windpassing
I had to drive all the way to Austria to see my Fucking friends.
by djslut September 22, 2005
A small town in Austria. Not nearly as funny as Fucking (yet another ill-named Austrian village) but close.
He tried not to pass wind, as the wind passed through Windpassing.
by djslut September 22, 2005
the clitoris, part of the female genitalia
As I went down on her, I tickled her peach pit with my tongue
by djslut September 21, 2005
The obvious exaggerated size of either the left or right nostril over the other due to excessive and prolonged cocaine abuse
"Damn, check out Paris Hilton's huge coke nostril!"
by djslut September 20, 2005
Masturbation, particularly of the male genitalia
He got a blister on his thumb from churning crotch butter too often
by djslut September 20, 2005
to walk around a public area with your testicles hanging out of your fly
I wanted to ballwalk across the sorority house lawn and scare away all the pledges
by djslut September 20, 2005
1. an Australia breed of python native to the Queensland region having markings which resemble an Oriental carpet

2. The male member sliding into an unshaven vagina
1. I have a jungle carpet python in a 50 galon aquarium

2. Her pussy was really hairy, but I gave her the carpet python anyway
by djslut September 20, 2005
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