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Becoming obsessed with looking a pictures of penises to the point that you can pick any random guy on the street and guess his cocksize to the centimeter.
"Iv got enough cockstalking under my belt to know hes got nothing under his!"
by MegRyan July 09, 2012
0 1
stalking a guy you find attractive. which includes following him places, texting and calling him every five minutes, getting mad when he's with other girls even though he barely knows your name
Josh: Did you see Karen just follow me into this store
Tim: Yeah dude, she's totally cock stalking you
by SmilesGabriella April 15, 2010
7 0
When one is peer pressured into dating or hooking up with someone. Opposite of cock blocking
Garrison: Hey you should ask Ashley to Prom

Harold: I don't really want to go though

Carolynn: But she wants you to ask her

Harold: I don't want to go though...she'll be embarssed if she goes with me

Garrison: Why would she be embarrassed, just ask her

Carolynn: Yeah, dont be a pussy, ask her

Harold: Stop Cock Stalking me!
by Hunter Pitkin February 09, 2007
7 1
when one nigga is lookin at anotha niggas facebook profile trying to figga out what the nigga is up to.
ex - i was on facebook earlier and i saw he was in a relationship since a week ago....nigga stop cock-stalking!
by Berns the bumpkin lover January 14, 2011
4 7
a rather large condom
I had to wear the cock stalking while bagging your mother.
by nathaniel eidson March 25, 2006
5 11