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When two or more bitches share many dicks via one phone on websites such as reddit, tumblr, or other various cocksites.
*Giggle giggle* "DDDDAAAAYYUUUUM!"
"Whats them bitches doin over thur on that phone?"
"Man dem hoes be dickscrolling err night. They be lookin at dicks from every continent."
by MegRyan July 09, 2012
the aroma of hot turds ready to come out of the butt oven
Upon smelling my recent fecal effusion my wife exclaimed, "mmm...someone's baking butt biscuits"
by megryan July 04, 2008
Becoming obsessed with looking a pictures of penises to the point that you can pick any random guy on the street and guess his cocksize to the centimeter.
"Iv got enough cockstalking under my belt to know hes got nothing under his!"
by MegRyan July 09, 2012
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