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The act of putting a condom in the freezer before sexual intercourse. Can be either a chilly sensation or disappointing experience; quite possibly both...
Guy 1: Dude your girlfriend is a bitch. You better give her the cocksicle tonight.

Guy 2: I'll think about it. I hope I don't get super shrinkage.
by SK the Legend-ary February 24, 2012
A refreshingly ice cold dick that's typically enjoyed by young women (and gay dudes)as a means of cooling off on a hot summer day. Can also be shoved into one's orifice of choice for additional ice cold pleasure.
Paul is "nothing like a cocksicle to celebrate the end of exams!" (someone's actual facebook status)

Zach: "Was it cherry-vanilla jizz flavored or just the original jizz flavor?" (actual comment on person's facebook status)
by Quadrillon VIII May 09, 2009
when fellatio is done outdoors in cold weather - cock forms a layer of frozen saliva
hey when we go skiing, will you give me a cock-sicle on the chairlift?
by Bradford, PA March 09, 2011
an endearing term for cock. like sucking a cocksicle?
one slut to anoter slut, "im gonna go have myself a yummy cocksicle"
by me. May 27, 2003
A derogatory term for someone suspected of engaging in necrophilia. Derived from the belief that their genitalia would be cold from invading the frigid, stiff corpse of their victim.
Don't be such a cocksicle, twatface.
What happens to your penis and scrotum if you jump into a cold pool, bathtub or ice bucket.
Tim: Gary, what's in your cold pool tent?

Gary: Tim some people call it an insurrection but I call it a cocksicle.
by Gafa Gafa June 18, 2011
sucking cock just like a popsicle.
that bitch sure likes to cocksicle!
by azura September 01, 2006

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