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Just like a Vampire, but instead of wanting to suck your Blood, the Cockpire just wants to suck your Cock!
That girl sitting across from us is definitely a Cockpire.
by Scooooooopp! May 22, 2006
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A beast that is only interested in biting off and keeping lepper penis.
Look out for the filthy cockpire, he'll bite you dick off!
by batreast August 23, 2011
a vagepire towards dicks, basically meaning someone who gives head while the poor penis has been cut and/or is bleeding.
Jimmy: Last night at the gay strip club, I totally got it on with Raul. we had a super time, and I even got to give him some of that becky. :)
Will: Wtf? I know you are happily gay, but do you seriously want to suck a fragile cock like his that can easily break and bleed? Was it red at the end?
Jimmy: Yes it was, is that bad?
Will: Damn you really are a cockpire.
by willythebassman November 26, 2009

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