Variant of cockknocker.
by ml September 15, 2003
When a well intoxicated male beat's on someone's front door with their penis
That cocknocker took me by suprise
by d.y. August 05, 2006
1.Someone who hits you in the balls delibertly when in the middle of a fist fight, a deliberate cheat move often used when losing.

2.Fictional Charcter Mark(Luke Skywalker) Hamill played in the Kevin Smith movie ‘Jay an Silent Bob Strike Back. Cockknocker uses the first definition with a giant fiist. From the fictional comic ‘Bluntman & Chronic’
1.I was kicking his whiny punk ass, then he cockknocked me and it was all over.

2.Chronic: Why they call you Cocknocker?
Cocknocker: Actually there’s a funny story behind that, you’re gonna love this, true story…
Chronic: Eeep.
by banky123 July 20, 2006

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