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labor camps Russian Revolution
Serfs who disobeyed Stalin were given the sentence to go to the gulag.
by ML March 27, 2003
used to indicate the superlative.
it's hot as shit in here!

that guy is cute as shit!
by ML March 31, 2004
To grab a bitch by the back of her head while she is on her knees sucking your dick, and proceed to drag her around the room.
After we got done watching TV, I gave Kristy a good skull dragging across the living room floor.
by ml April 06, 2003
adj. A derivative of the term "sweet" meaning 'excellent' 'thoroughly cool.'
"Yo Antoine, that do rag is sweezle."
by ML February 07, 2005
A man who is so racist againsts blacks and uses "nigger" and "nig" in every sentence he says. He is from Canada and Black folk run away in fear of this man.If this man ever becomes a cop you can expect the black population in Canada to drop to zero
That man is such a alus1onz
by ml December 10, 2004
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