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Derives from the Silent Bob character and popularised by the rusty joystick forums troll called neomonk. Has a growing popularity to mean someone who trolls forums for the purpose of upsetting and annoying people. Also prone to pseudo intellectual comments and a self obsession with own opinions
Neomonk stop behaving like such a cocknocker - its not big, its not hard (rather like your genitals really)
by steven hamilton-healey February 18, 2005
A term referring to an elderly homosexual, with the aura of Lavender and dried Semen - feared by many young children.
"Oh Daddy, help! I think a Cocknocker is lurking! I can smell Lavender and Prawn Cocktail crisps!"
by Prick Police February 28, 2014
To smash someone in the cock with your fist when they least expect it
"Hello Mate" (mate stretches leaving groin exposed)
"Hello" (smashes friend in cock)
by Bensonator March 28, 2004
A character played by Mark Hamill featured in the Bluntman and Chronic(Jay and Silent Bob) Movie and Comicbook in the View Askew Series created and directed by Kevin Smith.
"I got busted in the balls by some guy called... 'Cocknocker!'"
by n1n74 March 16, 2004
someone that knocks on cocks
your mom is a cock nocker... she knocks on my cock
by JUAN October 19, 2003
When the insult "cock" just isnt enough, the insult can be lengthed to cocknocker
"my dear Jeremy, I have decided to finish our relationship because of your inability to commit to me or my feelings. You are truely a cocknocker"
by Don February 12, 2004
A Female Cock Blocker .

Especially a Dike or Manhating bitch.
Saboteur of getting laid. See Assbite
I was leaving the bar with this drunk chick and her Cocknocker dike girlfriend fucking snatched her out of my greasy mitts.
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