A term used to describe a man who is confident enough in himself, as a man, to know that, as long as he has a penis, he has no reason to be self conscious about any other defining factors that may come into play.
Man 1 : Dude, but I dont know if she will accept me after she sees my package!
Man 2: Oh, come on man... just be cockfident!
by neely b voracious July 18, 2009
Similar to arrogant. Someone who is confident for no other reason than that they are a cock.
some amateur rugby players are cockfident.
by Mr A. Nonymous February 14, 2009
to be confident and a little cocky. The perfect inbetween of confident and cocky.
I am very cockfident. The ladies love a cockfident man.
by Swampdog February 07, 2011
cocky plus confident equals COCKFIDENT
i'm not just confident or cocky, i'm both. i'm COCKFIDENT.
by GeoBar September 17, 2010

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