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An outstanding drummer from South Africa, commonly known through youtube. All Cobus(es) live for God, drum for fun, and exceed their flirting skills at odd hours of the night. They are often late to arrive, but always find ways to make up for it.
1. That Cobus is wicked cool.
2. I hope you don't mean a Cobus soon.
3. "That's inappropriate... don't be a Cobus".
4. If you're looking for a good vacation spot, I hear Cobus Land is pretty insane.
by ItsOddTree September 13, 2009
A Cobus is an insanely wicked cool drummer from Cobus Land with incredibly cool hair!!

A Cobus is usually seen flirting with an Audrey and has a diet of red bull and chocolate. He also has an insanely wicked cool friend called Jason!!

Cobi have a unique self defence mechanism of saying "Booya!" in a freakish and scarey way to force their way through swarms of fans.

The inspirer of Cobus who made him great goes by the name of Dolbear! (As shown on one of his facebook posts)

The cobus vocabulary consists of:
Cobus Potgieter
Wicked cool
Example 1:
Crazy fan "I love you so much Cobus!!!!"

Cobus "BOOYA!!!"


Example 2:
"Wow, there are hundreds of people with wicked cool hair playing drums with chocolate and red bull!!"

"They must be Cobi"
by dolbear September 15, 2009

Cobus is a person who is wicked cool and legitly awesome at drummming
His name useually consists of lots of flem
Usually says Booya in many situations and can beatbox like a beast
Their hair has an insane amount of gel in it to keep it held up

He makes insane DVD's, but unluckily a Cobus will useually have a poor internet connection (not of his own fault)
EX 1 "Dude whos that guy on the drums"

"He is so obviously a cobus"


EX 2
"Hey dude you wanna come down to my house"

"Booya man that would be wicked cool"

"ha ha ur such a Cobus"
by XBeantownX September 13, 2009
Beast of a person! Very funny. A Cobus is also an amazing drummer and musician. They also like to shout "Booya" and say fo shizzle a lot.
Cobuses are also involved in a program that cheers up emo kids.
1. There's this wicked cool dude from South Africa and he's a total Cobus.

2. The hardest name to pronounce is Cobus.
by nickm70 September 14, 2009

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