A chart-topping-rapper-come-American-Pastimes-coach. Has a strange, strange accent and a strange face. And "clown feet".
Coach Z's been drinking Listerine!
by Upsilon July 19, 2003
the struggling coach and soon to be rapper with his smash single "these people try to fade me".from homestarrunner.com
coach z:ive got a great costume!"
by brett October 16, 2003
A one time famous rapper, now takin it easy by bein the Coach of the "Crazy Go Nuts Universtity Dumples" Golf CLub Team. He also co-hosts a fishing show with Strong Bad. (See also Stinko Man) He is NOT a poser with an accent that gives him the reminder of his former glory.
Coach Z's Top single:
A one two! A one two! These people tried to fade me! What? What? What? WHat? What?WHat? What? I sad Down, Dang Down, Up once! Up Twice! Gone! Badda Boom! Badda Bing! Wha-WHa-What? A one-two, wha, one two!
by Coach X August 24, 2003
Coach Z is the hilarious Canadian coach at Crazy Go Nuts University that has a secret love for Marzipan and wants to return to his former glory as a rapper.
Coach Z: Homestar, you done a great jorb out there.
Homestar: I'm sorry what?
Coach Z: I said you done a great jorb.
Homestar: (laughing)Coach Z, that's ridiculous.
by Matt Damon gets all the ladies. January 28, 2005
the coach of the football-basketball team (according to the pitch they play on)...his accent is getting out of hand and words usually end up with "R"s in them. He once had a rap single in his far off home country called 'These People try to fade me!' though no-one has ever heard the song.
(Being given some Jujy-Fruits) Ooh! Jurjy-Fruits! Oh i mean: Georgey-Frorts! Georgey-Frooooorrrgy! George Forman?
by laurstanz August 30, 2003
1.) Some guy with a funny accent that just isn't cut out to say the word 'job'.
2.)A coach--or so we think--from another country, who sleeps in the locker room and coaches Homestar Runner and his friends at no particular sport.
3.)A rare specimen--Usually has a white head that moves when it talks, that also includes two eyes and a purple hat. Has green body and a large emblum displaying the letter 'Z' near the waist.
1.)Coach Z: "Oh, jeez...I'm just not cut out to say the word JOREARGB. How am I ever gonna face the boys at practice tamarro?"
2.)I wonder if Coach Z will say the word 'job' right at practice today?
3.)I saw Coach Z walking down the street last week.
by homestar fan July 15, 2003
Dont try to fade this wanna be rapper coach! He is the coach of some wierd sports game Homestar plays. has a (z) emblem on his green suit. I kinda like him. Just dont try to fade him!
And now i'd like to perform my hip hop single! "These people try to fade me"!
A one two A one two!~coach z
Sorry wer'e all out of tape.~homestar
by TheSneak July 31, 2003
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