Columbia, Missouri. Home of the fabolous Hickman Highschool and the not so fabolous RockBridge Beruins.....who hates Jefferson City!
Yo nigga i ride or die in como bitches!
by jordan shaw November 10, 2006
1. To tell someone to go to Como.
2. To imply someone is rediculously hopeless and should go to Como
3. To Como it, to de-flower or ruin something, to destroy natural beuty.
4. To peer into the eyes of Como, something that is too horrible or ugly to describe.
Go to Como, Shahin. It is so ugly, it reminds me of Como/
by adscorp September 10, 2005
A homo-coma; being brain-dead to the fact that you're totally gay, similar to "in the closet"
"Sean's kinda cute, but he's totally in a como. Have you ever seen how long he takes to do his hair?"
by Tatas November 14, 2006
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