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a crossbreed between a tomato and a douchbag and thinks he is really good at sailing and rapping
wow cmac is such a Chris mccafrey
by nishta123456789876545676544567 February 20, 2013
A word used to describe a person who macks it with baseball players.
Oh hey cmac, i heard you were mackin it with willy k
by kQlol March 16, 2010
Giving another male a blowjob while fingering his asshole at an extreme speed.
Jason was giving Steve a C-Mac in a tent at Mt.Helanh.
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
a giant whore that is obsessed with snookie. is always in a skills class because she has trouble learning. constantly ripping ass and shitting in public restrooms as an after school activity. usually can be found in sommerville sucking random ginger dicks. loves her big double d's and lucky. loves to be perverted and wants a headful of dreads.
lucky: "hey do you know where cmac is?"
dan: "ya i saw her sucking ryan contes dick in sommerville"
by anonymous12243433324566543 July 25, 2011
Famous yorkshire based NON-PORNOGRAPHER
Cmac was repeatedly heard to exclaim "ITS NOT POOOORRRRNNNN"
by weatherman December 01, 2003
The coolest white rapper to ever hit the world of...rap. Yeah. fo'sheez.
Damn, that gurl ain't no C-Mac! She's just a biotch!
by The Mark Master December 29, 2003
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