A dirigible-shaped turd conisting of a number of pebble turds stuck together. Contrast with globular cluster which lacks the well-defined shape and more resembles a chocolate peanut cluster.
The dump I took this morning consisted of three slimers, a cluster, a globular cluster and a cloud. Man, I lost weight with that one.
by Mel Biggs August 10, 2006
A series of small events or actions.

Taken from Australian cricket commentary, refering to the grouping of where each ball lands on the pitch during an over.
Good cluster Warnie!

Dave:"I tripped over, stubbed my toe and spilt my beer."
Mark:"That's a bad cluster. You're gonna have a bad time."
by Šteggs May 14, 2007
a group of specimens gathering together (possibly in an orgy-fashion)
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 21, 2003
A collection of objects of any sort.
Good clusters are hard to find, puss.
by Clara Fication June 05, 2016
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