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1 : a word or dialect that is hard to pronounce and master.

2 : an object that is hard to operate. Usually oddly shaped, heavy, and oddly proportioned in respect to it's user; or it's intended purpose. Irregular in nature; often Problematic.

3 : the gestalt of an object, usually consisting of huge bits (kinda like chunks) in reference to it's manifest.
1. It's a clunky program to learn.

2. You don't need a clunky pot that size to frie an egg.

3. Hard to be percice with the clunky tool.
by Ari Jamali November 22, 2006
A word that is overused in video game reviews. Much like the phrase "graphical glitches" which was used in the late 90's.
"Ultimately though - clunky SIXAXIS integration aside - it adds a subtle layer of immersion to the experience." - IGN
by Grungels March 07, 2010
Situation in which one coital party finds more significance in the sexual act than the opposite coital party.
"I thought it was just a one-night stand, but it got terribly clunky."
by Sn0w December 13, 2003