Another great American Passtime, Generally targeting baby mammals called seals and bludgeoning them over the head with some form of blunt object.
Other passtimes of the sort include kicking puppies, burning the elderly, or listening to eminem (the only one of which I wouldn't reccomend due to the high amount of cruelty to animals).
Eminem meks nasty freaky stangelove to 12 year old groupies while cascading numbers of men and/or women 'impale' his wife on their 'hot man spikes' (See Manloaf).
by K~ August 10, 2003
Top Definition
Very large women that go from one club to another at Pioneer Square.
Damn man those clubbing seals always get in for free, how do they do it?
by blooper July 24, 2003
Bashing baby harp seals on the head (thereby killing them) for to procure their pelts for garment making.
"Clubbing seals may be brutal, but it pisses off the PETA fuck-ups so I endorse it wholeheartedly"
by HankanatorX July 02, 2003
Unorthodox method of batting in cricket, jerky, some would say ugly. Originated in Surrey County Cricket
Stewart's been clubbing seals all afternoon.
by Alan Bail June 16, 2003
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