To have strong influcence and have the respect of peers.swag
The ability to set trends
The way one carries him/herself
Jay-Z has crazy clout, he single handedly killed autotune
by tl_clark August 18, 2009
the meaning of life.
wot is the meaning of life? Clout.
by Larry Magee May 13, 2008
used as slang for "money"
Fuck what that nigga talkin' about!
He better have my clout... I don't care about his bills
by [____] September 25, 2006
1. A word used in a large variety of raps. Widely known in the rap song "Clout / Bruce Chen".

2. Something you are turned into after being released out of one's anus.
"Then I will poop her out, and turn her in to a clout."
by StevenF August 11, 2005

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