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major minger who looks like a bum hole- has major obsession with needles and cocks. loves men but major retard and loser!strange hair-do, walks wierd and talk a load of rubbish. may come across as nice but is lying.
jammy horse"i love willys and fish"
sandra and marj"i hate u u r such a clive gosh"
A stickler for rules or general dickhead.
"That police officer is a right Clive."
by C Moore August 17, 2005
A dirty asshole
That slut likes eating clive.
by Bugh HammerHead October 06, 2003
A igloo shaped korean with no sense of humour or any sense of control over sucking the "COCK".

He loves men and is in a clan called "MAN-SEX".

Everyone hates him and doesnt want to stand next to him.

Clive O'Shea cant get any girls therefore he sucks the cock for a living causing he cant get any pussy.

Go home Clive O'Shea
Clive, sucks the COCK
Clive 4 Men
Clive O'Shea is Kassi.
by Ifitellyoumynameclivewillkillme November 14, 2004
Clive,noun: A gutless, insecure, little man.

Clive,verb: A gutless action, to screw others over selfishly, only looking out for ones self.

Clive,verb, To leave massive shitstains on someone else's toilet.
Clive,verb:1, That bastard caught me off gaurd, and totally Clived the shit out of me.
by freud2168 August 17, 2007