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Small patch of pubic hair above the vagina. Looks like Hitler's moustache.
"I went down on her third reich last night and it had a clitler."
by Jtron 3000 April 16, 2003
The leader of the Nazi Organization of Women.
Clitler: Death to men!!!
NOW members: Heil Clitler! Heil Clitler! Heil Clitler!
by CT Vigilante July 04, 2006
When a girl shaves her muff to mimic Hitler's muschtache.
While I was eating out samantha, I notice she shaved her bush into a clitler.
by Stanky Dingleberry August 27, 2003
a super feminist/feminist leader - if she could, she'd treat men like Hitler treated the Jews.
"god, that woman is such a femi-nazi"
"you reckon she'll be the next Clitler?"
by NuklearAngel October 15, 2008