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The leader of the Nazi Organization of Women.
Clitler: Death to men!!!
NOW members: Heil Clitler! Heil Clitler! Heil Clitler!
by CT Vigilante July 04, 2006
Small patch of pubic hair above the vagina. Looks like Hitler's moustache.
"I went down on her third reich last night and it had a clitler."
by Jtron 3000 April 16, 2003
When a girl shaves her muff to mimic Hitler's muschtache.
While I was eating out samantha, I notice she shaved her bush into a clitler.
by Stanky Dingleberry August 27, 2003
a super feminist/feminist leader - if she could, she'd treat men like Hitler treated the Jews.
"god, that woman is such a femi-nazi"
"you reckon she'll be the next Clitler?"
by NuklearAngel October 15, 2008
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