to cause interference with electronic devices as a result of having a large clitoris.
Girl 1:
My phone misses facebook notifications all the time when it is in my pocket.

Girl 2:
Could be Cliterference.
by relhomnb August 07, 2012
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Top Definition
Another word for Beaver Dam
Female version of cock block

Standing in the way of a girl who wants to hook up with another person.
I'll run deep and you run cliterference on the ugly ones.
by TheGreatMonk August 06, 2012
Another word for "beaver dam";

Interfering with a girl who's trying to get laid, or preventing her from gettin' the hookup.
You're my bff and I love you but you're the shittiest wingwoman on the planet! All I've gotten all night is your cliterference.
by ka-chan April 21, 2015

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