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The feminine version of cock block; i.e. a girl who stands in the way of another girl who wants to talk to or meet a guy. Can be used as a noun or verb.
Who is that beaver dam?
She totally beaver dammed me!
by Jennifer December 25, 2004
preventing a female from hooking up with another person.
Man, this girls is diggin me but her friend keeps beaver damming me.
by Nippyfresh April 15, 2010
aka tampon, maxipad 1. anything used to stop menstral flow, and or the COCK
man i stuck my hands down her pants, but when i felt that beaverdam i knew i wasn't gettin' laid.
by prickster January 18, 2007
Female equivalent to "cock-block"
1. Jessica totally beaver-dammed me last night.

2. Don't be such a beaver dam.
by spooks22 March 25, 2014
When one female interferes with another female's opportunity to have sex.
"I was talking to that cute guy over there when Merissa came up and built a beaver dam!"
"That bitch beaver dammed me!"
by DRoland September 11, 2013
female version of cockblock
Leslie tried to slide her five bucks into the stripper's g-string, but Cornelius leaned in with a twenty, creating the perfect beaverdam.
by rubberchickenboy September 14, 2013
1.(n.)the female equivalent of a cock block; a person who prevents a woman from scoring

2.(n.)the female equivalent of a boner killer; a person or situation that turns a woman off

3.(v.) an act which prevents a woman from scoring, intentionally or not
1. My roommate is a crazy-ass beaver dam. I can't bring anyone home without her trying to fuck them first.

2. Long nails are a sure-fire beaver dam. No wolverine bullshit in my snatch, thank you.

3. Dude, quit tryin' to beaver dam me! I need to get laid!
by ka-chan February 15, 2012
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