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(n.) cunnillingus performed in the morning, shortly after waking up - so named as a play on "eating pussy"; another word for pussy.
The only thing better than a wake-and-bake is a breakfast of champions.

A:I don't like the word "pussy". I call mine, "breakfast of champions".
by ka-chan February 15, 2012
A phrase meaning really powerful and fast, especially relating to old muscle cars, and only used by white dudes from Florida.
Don't let the rust fool you, that ol' El Camino 'll tear the asshole out of a grizzly bear.
by ka-chan February 15, 2012
Another word for "beaver dam";

Interfering with a girl who's trying to get laid, or preventing her from gettin' the hookup.
You're my bff and I love you but you're the shittiest wingwoman on the planet! All I've gotten all night is your cliterference.
by ka-chan April 21, 2015
1.(n.)the female equivalent of a cock block; a person who prevents a woman from scoring

2.(n.)the female equivalent of a boner killer; a person or situation that turns a woman off

3.(v.) an act which prevents a woman from scoring, intentionally or not
1. My roommate is a crazy-ass beaver dam. I can't bring anyone home without her trying to fuck them first.

2. Long nails are a sure-fire beaver dam. No wolverine bullshit in my snatch, thank you.

3. Dude, quit tryin' to beaver dam me! I need to get laid!
by ka-chan February 15, 2012
Pop culture reference used frequently in the lesbian community, comes from the TV show "The L word". A girl who looks or acts like the notorious character, "Shane" - i.e., a futch who sleeps with lots of girls.
Damn. That girl look like Shane.
by ka-chan April 21, 2015
pronounced Lim ballin'

Someone who thinks they're clever, cool, or funny, but is actually embarrasingly stupid and offensive. Can also describe movies and music.
google: Rush Limbaugh


A: "Hey you guys! What did you guys think of my new song, "Mexicans go home"?

B: (grimaces) Limbaughllin'.
by ka-chan April 27, 2015
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