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The art of being knowledgeable and skilled in the workings and details of female anatomy.

Noun: Cliteracy, cliterature
Adjectives: Cliterate (opposite - icliterate)
Verb: to cliterate
Nick: I managed to find her G-spot while stimulating her clitoris and caressing her left breast, resulting in my near drowning in cum.

Andrew: Respect! Your cliteracy levels have increased. You have been indulging in much cliterature.

knowledgeable skilled literate sex female squirt
by Captain Squirt October 26, 2010
The ability to "read" a woman, it is an essential skill for any man to possess in a relationship. A cliterate man is one who has an "in depth" understanding of the cliterary arts.
In a standard university, chemistry students tend to have lowest cliteracy rate.
by Skrow January 21, 2009
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