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The single most inappropriate thing to say at any given moment.
"I cosplay with myself."
by Perkar October 21, 2004
The use of a catch phrase from at least 10 years ago. Thus trying to revive a long faded part of society's ligo. It's over man. Just let it die off quietly.
Brett: I think I'll go catch a few drinks tonight while the wife's out-of-town.

Clifton: Word, you're are so lucky you're wife lets you go out. Mine's got a death-grip on my testicals. Cool Beans.

Brett: Seriously, you're a fucking Ass-Clown. Don't you realize that you're Cliftonism usage is out of control. It's 2008, for FUCK'S SAKE MAN. The 90's are dead. Let it go man.

Clifton: Shut up Brett. You're a Gay Douche Bag.

Brett: Once again. You've proven my point.

Thus concludes the Definition of a Cliftonism. Use it liberally and often.
by Funkytown66 February 27, 2008
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