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1. To completely and utterly destroy or dismember something. This is usually done out of childish rage or during a temper tantrum.
2. To talk a big game and give the appearance of a V.I.P. Only to then follow it up with pathetic results.
1. Brett: "Seriously man, I just Cliftonized that Weed-Whacker for the hell of it."
Kenny: It shouldn't have been talkin' all that smack. It got what it deserved.
2. Clifton: I'm gonna give that chunky dinner whore the ride of her life.
Brett: You better load up on Viagra or she will just feel Cliftonized like all other pathetic supposed hotties that laughed when you couldn't get it up.
Clifton: Shut up you Gay Douche Bag, she showed me her thong, she wants it. Cool Beans.
Brett: Shut the F*** up, you're such an ass clown. You'd better ask her how much she charges before you get so excited. Make sure you inquire about the minutes package. Those last 57 minutes of the hour will be quite ackward for both of you.
by Junk-in-the-Trunk February 26, 2008

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