A regional (Swansea) word for being extremely drunk, usually after a heavy binge-drinking session.
I was so cliffed last night.
by Ianto Davies May 02, 2008
Top Definition
Having your chest stared at in a perverted manner. Any glance that lingers, evolving into a stare. "Clifforing" is act of perversely staring primarily at Women's Chests.
I was cliffed the other day by Dwight when he came into my office, he only stared at my chest…as if they were magnetic. Dwight has a reputation for Clifforing.
by ClosetSFGiantsFan? July 29, 2011
To be blamed for something that either wasn't your fault or responsibility
I was cliffed at work today when the manager blamed me for not reaching our number goals for the quarter.
by JoelQ December 16, 2014
physically assulted while attempting to complete a simple task such as walking. "To be cliffed" defined as being struck unexpectedly from any angle resulting in loss of quality of life
"i was almost cliffed by that broad in the golf cart!"
by The Buildeeng Manager April 13, 2010
To be soundly defeated, killed, owned, murked, sonned
Did you see the SF Giants get cliffed last night by the LA Dodgers?
by nick1 February 09, 2006
A sudden drop of intelegence.
teacher: You got a Z on your english paper!
kid: Whuzzat mean?
Teacher: You cliffed.
by Choo-Choo McGrew August 17, 2006
Describes the act of disposing of one member of a canon (fictional) relationship, usually through quick and non-descriptive means, in order to pair the remaining character with another character. Used often to justify non-canon (relation)ships.
"Did you read that one Elsanna fanfic? The author had Kristoff insult Anna's parents, causing Anna to break up with him. I'm a fan of Elsanna, but that way of breaking them up seems really out of character."

"Yeah...the author totally cliffed Kristoff there."
by asksillysisters November 23, 2015
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